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An eight week online workshop that will take you step by step through the whole process of painting a breathtaking subject

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I hear these things a lot. Is any of this familiar for you?

  • I have difficulty seeing what a colour is and then mixing it. Shadow colours are especially hard
  • I really want to get good, accurate colour instead of just guessing
  • Seeing colour as value is difficult and makes it hard to get the values right
  • Colour theory, like cool light and warm shadows, is confusing and actually seeing that is hard, never mind painting it!
  • I struggle with brushstrokes and paint application, I want to be able to place the paint with more finesse and delicacy
  • I struggle with composition but I don't know what to do to improve my compositions
  • I want to know how to apply the paint more confidently, one stroke at a time, and then eave it without fiddling about until I ruin it

How different would it feel if it was more like this?

  • learning a reliable method for accurately judging colour - even the shadows
  • Being able to mix the colours you want accurately - and know how to do it again without guessing
  • Improving your compositions so that they are more pleasing and interesting to the eye
  • Understanding more of how light affects colour in light and shadow, and how to paint it
  • Being given practical methods and exercises that will help you improve your brush handling
  • Being confident enough in the colour you place that you can place it and leave it - and it will be right!

Introducing the Full Still Life Workshop

An eight week online workshop that will take you step by step through the whole process of painting a breathtaking subject

Our subject for the workshop

Still life subject

What You'll Learn


From choosing hte objects to arranging and lighting them to create an interesting pattern of light and shadow


Use Munsell to guide and inform your colour choices


Use the Munsell scale to absolutely nail your values, and use delicate edge handling to create depth, form and focus


Easy to understand explanations of how light affects colour in the lights and the shadows - and how to mix those colours

What's Included


Exceptional quality live video sessions, taking you brush stroke by brush stroke through beautiful rose paintings. Paint along live or watch and paint later from the replay


High quality, detailed videos covering aspects of the course: mixing and judging colour in light and shadow, for example. We'll be using Munsell for this so I'd recommend you have a Munsell book


A friendly and incredibly supportive group where you can share your work and see others too, all in a private group for workshop attendees only


A beautifully set up and shot image of the main composition, as well as a value only version with the values of each main area marked


Everything you need including brushes, surface, tube colours and brand


Fortnightly critique session. You can join as many or as few as you like, pay as you go

All aspects of still life painting, start to finish


Sorry, registration is now closed for this workshop.

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Got a Question?

If you have any questions, just drop me a line over email or message me on Facebook!

Are the live session recorded?

Yes. They're immediately available for you to watch any time you like, and you have access to them as long as you like (even after the workshop finishes)

What medium will we be using?

Oils on Panels, Ampersand Gesobord panels or oil primed, e.g. from Trekkel, are good, with a medium of linseed oil and a solvent. The main painting will be 16 x 12 inches, you'll also need some smaller panels for a value study and colour studies

When will the live sessions be?

On Mondays at 6PM UK time (1PM Eastern, 10AM Pacific). They usdually last 2 to 3 hours.

What will happen when I sign up?

You'll have time to get the materials list together, which you'll have immedate access to. I'll then inform you by email when the first live session will be with a link to join the session live. You'll also get an invite to the facebook group.

When does it start?

The first live session is planned for Monday, October 4th.

Will Munsell be involved?

Yes! At a minimum you'll need a Munsell value scale (you can get one for only $10 though, I'll send you a link and it is included inthe materials list). I would strongly recommend having the Student Munsell Book or the Paul Centore Munsell book at a minimum too (links to these will be provided). The workshop will be using Munsell throughout to help you get your colours right. If you don't like the idea of Munsell, this probably isn't for you!

How will the group critique chats be done?

These will be zoom calls and usually last 2 to 3 hours. The group chats and critique sessions are very informal and fun! A lot of learning happens here too which can't be covered in the live sessions.

Critique groups will be no more than ten at a time. Calls will be every two weeks, and you can join as few or as many as you like, paying as you go. Each critique session is an additional $50.

There is also a lot of support and bonding on these calls. We do cover serious critique as well, both strengths and things that can be improved, with ideas on how to go about it. People often tell me that seeing the critiques of other people's work teaches them as much as critiques of their own.